Arany Delfin Kft.

The company Arany Delfin Kft. was founded in 1992 as a family business. The company is based in Kaba. Our main field of activity is plastics processing, injection molding of thermoplastics. We also deal with plastic recycling, trading with materials and with used injection molding machines, moulds and tools.

Our injection molding plant consists of 30 machines with 40 to 800 tons of clamp force, a significant part of our capacity is utilized by our foreign and Hungarian customers. In addition to ordered items, we also produce our own products. In order to ensure the high quality of the products and the fast service, we employ well-trained professionals, the materials are carefully selected and quality is constantly monitored during production.

Our products include classic shopping baskets, standard boxes M10 and M30, as well as harvest / milk boxes.
The MH-Box system has been enjoying uninterrupted popularity for years as its parts can be stacked or joined.

Our sortiment will soon be extended with new products.

"The management pays attention to ensure that our customers are always satisfied with the quality of our plastic processing, injection molding and plastic recycling, which is why customer service is very important to us." / Integrated Management Policy /


Arany Delfin Kft.

Shopping basket

MH-Box Család

MH-Box Family

M10 Rekesz

M10 Box

M30 Rekesz

M30 Box

Our former products are the harvesting / milk boxes whose production has been stopped. The delivery of these products can only be guaranteed up to the quantity available from the warehouse.

Szüretelő / Tejipari Láda
Contract Manufacturing

The company is currently working with 30 plastic injection molding machines in a 1200 m² hall. The work is supported by a total of 4800 m² of storage and office space. Besides the other additional premises, another 1000 m² workshop can be used to set up other machines or other business activities.

Gyártócsarnok, Arany Delfin Kft.

A new plant is being built.

We are currently building a new 1500 square meter hall compartment with the most modern technology that fully meets the requirements of our business partners.
Fröccsöntő Gép Keredkedelem

Injection molding machines

Our injection molding machines which are for sale are kept here

Műanyagipari alapnyag kereskedelem

Plastic Granules

Our granules which are for sale are kept here.

Fröccsöntő szerszám kereskedelem


Our moulds which are for sale are kept here.

Műanyag újrahasznosítás

Plastic recycling

Our plastics which are for sale are kept here.

Our motto: "A business is run by regular customers."

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Monday-Thursday: 8:00 -16:00
Friday: 8:00 - 12:00

Phone/Fax: +36 54 461 142


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